Top Best Sex POSITIONS for First-Timers


First-time sex is the first thing you always remember when it comes to sex talk or thinking about your sexual life. las vegas escorts say that the first time can be both pleasurable and disgusting, it depends on the steps and techniques you take.

Your sexual pleasure according to escorts, depends on your knowledge and experiments you take in sex.

blonde escorts recommend using their best tips and sex positions to get comfortable and orgasmic sex.

Tips for better first-time sex.

  • Talk about birth control options and decide first what methods you both prefer in case of emergency.
  • Discuss your likes and dislikes and boundaries
  • Get comfortable and use foreplay and flirting so that you can get full arousal before starting penetration.

Best sex positions for first-timers

According to premium escort, several sex positions provide maximum pleasure and work best for first-timers and beginners having sex. These positions also help in losing virginity and having hardcore sex with less pain. These positions are:-

  • Missionary:- las vegas call girls recommends using a missionary sex position for first-timers as you will get many occasions to try new sex positions but first, you need to gain sexual experience and missionary is by-far the safest and pleasurable sex position of all time.

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